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The Gosport Computer shop provides computer repairs, upgrades, base units and new systems. We are happy to accept and destroy your old system for you, this will prevent their toxic parts ending either in the sea, local council land fill, or worse.
Our shop is in our opinion, the best and most reliable computer repair and upgrade centre
in the Gosport/Fareham area and, is now the oldest Computer retail and repair shop in Gosport by a significant margin.

We place a high value on customer service and our deserved reputation for honesty.

We do not replace hardware without offering to return the replaced items to the client, this is so you can trust that we have carried out the work we agreed to. (we are happy to destroy/recycle items if requested).

We have a minimum labour charge of £30 (inc) to covertime. This fee covers many minor jobs and system checks etc but a higher labour fee of either£45, £60 or on very rare occasions £75 for Desktop machines with up to £120 for some laptops where the work isr more complex and time consuming , these fees will of course be discussed BEFORE any work commences and if the fee is likely to exceed the original quote you will be contacted and given the opportunity to halt further work, there will always be at least the min charge of £30 but you should never get any unexpected surprises when you return to collect your system as you will have been contacted and asked to agree the cost prior to any additional expense. The majority of software charges for work cost either £45 or £60 with very few ever going beyond this point, there is a chance that a faulty system will need new hardware or an upgrade but again you will be contacted prior to your money being spent and you will be able to make an informed decision whether you wish to proceed or not.

Gosport computer shop provides services mainly in the PO12 and PO13 areas covering Gosport and Fareham in Hampshire. Our services include but are not limited to computer repairs, upgrades, recovery, network, wireless, server, hardware, upgrade, on-site service and maintenance for business, Microsoft, Linux, virus, Trojan, spyware, malware, security and commercial support.

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